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How do you spell

That what a whole lot of people want to know.

 After putting up that list of common words that people ask google how to spell, I started seeing a lot of people really do type that into google. I sent my friend (a fellow linguist) a question. I wanted to know if people are typing "How do you Spell" more of it they where typing "How do I spell..."

 He told me that overwhelmingly people type "How do you spell" into google.  Which was odd considering google isn't a person but they refer to it as "you." Interesting. 

The other thing I find funny is that I get an abundance of people asking "How do you spell neice." -- Apparently these people have never heard the old rule that I goes before E except after C. - It should read 'How do you spell niece' which would be right.

BTW there is a list of commonly misspelled words below (scroll down) and here is the list of the words often misspelled according to gogle.

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